Welcome to the Andrew Corporation

Good afternoon*. My name is Andrew. I'm a front-end developer, illustrator, some-time designer, megalomaniac and aspiring evil dictator.

When I'm not building an empire, I enjoy making memorable websites, exchanging firm handshakes, and surfing the web. I also enjoy evening strolls along the beach and baking. This information is not relevant, but I feel it helps paint a picture.

This is kind of like an online portfolio, in that it showcases my work online. In fact, it's exactly like an online portfolio.

Have a browse. If you like what you see, drop me a line. I check my emails vigorously and often.

*For optimum results, visit site between 12:00pm and 4:30pm GMT

  • image01

    Next Level Construction

    A static HTML site that happens to be responsive.

  • image02

    Office Fitout Professionals

    Some Javascript and a cut up.

  • image03

    Ape Design

    HTML / CSS and Wordpress integration

What we do

Here's a little more info on what I do. Don't read it all at once.

  • The Internet Smarts team

    Internet smarts

    We use HTML, CSS and jQuery to build scalable, responsive web pages which are excellent.

  • The Creative Zone

    Creative Zone

    Our creatives come up with an average of seventeen ideas per day. We ask for at least fifteen.

  • The Social Media department

    Social Media Department

    Twitter. Facebook. Reddit. Instagram. Google+. These are examples of Social Media.

  • The Art room

    Art Room

    Our designers will meet with you to discuss your site's look. Some of this will be taken on board.